i think it's not subjective to say that there appears regionality in the quality of eateries just within the tiny HK.  many claims that those located in N.T. should be inferior to that of the hk island and kowloon ...  but to me, La Parole in Tsing Yi should be an exception.

Sited in the grand and sole shopping mall named Maritime Square on the island,  the stylishly decorated bistro is nothing less than spectacular in terms of the sea view, and nothing more than above-average in the quality of food.

we tried the dinner a la carte, costing about $180 per head ~

welcome bread ~  high quality but a bit hard


we love seafood ... thus picked pan-fried see bass in home-made sauce ~  well fried fish, infused with special sauce tasting like lemon and dark vinegar, are delicious but a tad dry.   


tasmanian scallops meuniere with mashed potato ~  surely fresh both for the scallops and the vegetables ... the portions are tiny though  


sweet tooth :  signature dessert ... tiramisu ~  savoury cheesecake with ladyfingers well soaked with rum ... oh !!  this is the first time to taste tiramisu flavoured deeply with wine !!  mascarpone cream and the light cocoa topping is average in quality only, and the cheese filling is too much to me.  the coffee flavour is not strong enough.   however, i should say that this sponge cake without freezing taste is the best i ever had in the N.T. !!!!     


excellent as well for the belgian chocolate brownie ~  soft cake topped with the thick layer ... strong and aromatic belgian dark choco ( Leonidas ) !!   the wonderful piece of belgian dessert surely make me happier in enjoying this fine dinning time ~


La Parole, led by the famed chef Benoit Gersdorff,  is a bistro worth trying, not only cos of the hearty dishes with decorative persentation and the freshness of food without MSG ( esp. the vegetables ), but the contribution to the charitable organization, which helps the children with communication problems from lower income families.

however, it's such a cozy french eatery that there are too little space between two-seaters tables, thus maybe not a good spot for a tete-a-tete between couples.  otherwise it's a fine place for those who want to enjoy some fine but affordable french food !!    



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