i've been a patron in two outlets of Habitu, and they impressed me. So this time i wanna introduce the one in ocean terminal, which prides itself on the spectacular habour view for alfresco dinning.

this nite i liked a le carte instead of set dinner with spaghetti carbonara as main course ~

we were welcomed first by a basket of home-made breadstick and plain bread.  it was served with olive oil and black vinegar. i' interested in the oil instead of bread, which is average only in quality.


soup of tonite ~ lobster bisque ( $ 68), the signature soup satisfying my appetite without disappointment each time.  i can taste the strong smell of lobster and tomato !!


the main ~ spaghetti carbonara with  scallops and black truffle shalves ( $168 ).  the hand-made spaghetti is for sure al dente !!  and the scallops are bouncy and cooked to perfection. the slighty salty carbonara should upgrade the taste of the dish.  this is a delectable dish except the inadequate sauce added making the spaghetti too dry.


it should be meaningless to try out there without sipping a cup of the renowned caffeine mix.  i chose moccacinno ( $40) ...  still unforgettable long aroma with smooth body and full flavour of chocolate and espresso.


we end the nite on a sugar high with a tasty signature dessert here ...  i haven't forgot to save space for it  ~  i picked the popular hazelnut meringue ($ 65 ).  i'm facinated by the fresh and colourful fruit ( strawberry, blueberry and raspberry ),  the whipped cream and the egg whites. we could say nothing but finished the plate within a few mins !!  


we were allotted the tables near the bar, but i'm not disappointed having no chance to enjoy the habourfront view, which is not attractive in the night.    the ambience here is chic and sleek, with high ceiling and enough space between tables. the waiters are surely smart and knowledgable, but in such a hurry that i suggest they should put on the shoes for roller skating !!




Habitu  The  Pier

address :  g/f, Ocean Terminal,  TST ( waterfront opposite star ferry )

phone : 31010901

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  • Deli Prince Club 美味少爷
  • from the appearance, i am impressed by the spaghetti. at a price of $168, it is reasonable to have such a good quality. of course, it is not a must. btw, you should have enjoyed the meal very much.
    [版主回覆03/29/2008 03:38:00]right !!  an enjoyable dinner recently 
    the spaghetti is the most tasty one i've ever had