It's really fantastic for dinners to have a visit on an eatery questing for a long time.  recently i'm so fortunate to be granted an opportunity to try the exquisite french cuisine in Kowloon ~~  LGB of Elements.


i sampled the set lunch which was made to perfection.  but perfection has its price ... so it costs nearly $200.


Lobster bisque with diced bread ...  amazing soup with strong taste of lobster and tomato.  Great !! 

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the main : linguine with crab meat, beans & mustard cream. creamy and tangy sauce goes well with the fresh crab meat n' the really al dente linguine.  the shaved cheese further enhanced the taste of this delectable dish !!

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i deliberately save some space for desserts which are handmade with high-quality ingredients, including valrhona choco.  i picked the apple tart with fresh whipped cream  :  spiced apple with natural aroma but a bit sour.  it's topped with macarpone cheese, so that the dish turned out to be tangy, zesty gem. 


the dinner ended on a high-note ~ the aromatic valrhona mocha presents the art of mixing espresso and choco in a perfect way ...  but, to me, still inferior to the mocha of Segafredo, though the taste of choco of LGB is incomparably better.  


the classy retail corner for it's famed macarons and tarts.


LGB is the name of the chain cafes introducing the concept of French tea salons to HK.  the dishes are haute enough to justify the high price. but the deluxe food and the ambiance, which is dimly lit with dark wood walls,  does not match well with the open design. it surely sacrifices the privacy of eaters in this compact, cozy cafe !!



Le  Gouter  Bernardaud 

Address :  Shop 2009,  Elements, Kowloon

Telephone : 21968488

Opening Hours :  10am - 10pm  Daily



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  • Lau
  • one of my favorite restaurants & coffee shop combo!!
    [版主回覆03/08/2008 00:12:00]LGB has also another outlet ... have u visited it ?
  • *Anson*
  • A good recommendation again! but it's a bit expensive for a person..
    [版主回覆02/17/2008 00:57:00]so i say it is an experience that i quest for long !! 
  • Deli Prince Club 美味少爷
  • it would be quite costly if it is close to $200. btw, you are an expert in coffee.
    [版主回覆02/14/2008 01:27:00]dare not to say coffee expert ar ~
    but as i like hanging out in cafes,  naturally i'm used to taste a cup of coffee there to test their sincerity of preparing food !!
  • 璐
  • 好象很好食 .