No one would deny the most popular western cuisine should be the three : french, italian and spainish. this time i was attracted by the contemporary outlook of the new italian cafe located upstairs in wellington street of central.


As the name may suggest, it should be the good spot offering authentic italian coffee, bread, pizza and pasta. well, it's true partly .... for the food, yes. but the decor is nothing about the epitome of italian elegance .... it should be more or less Starbucks or Pacific .... uh, it doesn't matter as i can enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere with appetizingly strong aroma of coffee !!


i picked the set lunch costing $88 ....

the tomato soup with bread :  delicious !!  for the soup, strong taste of tomato without much MSG.  the bread is wonderful as very cripsy and in roll form !!  


we've the options of 1 large sandwich or 2 panini from the choices of 5 fillings.  i chose the panini, with ham and veggies. it's surely out of expectation !? .... bread is o.k., yet the fillings are terribily few and without sauce !!   not worth trying next time !!  


i'm in the mood of something sweeter, just like her. so i chose tiramisu ( pay $20 more ) instead of the fruit platter. the texture and taste is above average, though weak in the flavour of rum,  and the choco on the surface is moisty because the dish is picked up from the refrigerator.


follow it up with the astounding cup of coffee .... " Mezzo Mezzo " ( espresso with choco, $32 for small ).  that's the tastiest espresso i've ever enjoyed !!  neither sour or bitter; absolutely bold aroma and smooth !!  the flavour of expresso and choco is well-balanced so that it's still excellent in taste when the last drop flow to my mouth.  i'm totally soaked in the spirit and warmth of the barista who make their hearty cup of coffee !! 

....  then  ....  i learn that Segafredo is a quality caffeine fix for those who choose to hea with a cup of fredo only !!


i should here admire the two waiters here. they're absolutely smart and attentive !!  oops, i should say both of them are really handsome   .... their service surely add value to my dining experience !! 


once again let me say that i'll be back to sample the pasta. and, of course, i can't afford not to enjoy the fredo again, which rival the best in our city !!





Address : Upper floor, 33 Wellington Street, Central

Telephone : 25232821






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  • 嗰tiramisu 好正..好creamy
    [版主回覆01/10/2008 23:38:00]係呀 !! 用料幾足,質感夠 creamy ,但始終同較高檔的 homemade 甜品店相比,味道不夠正宗  
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  • 其實佢地開左一段時間 以前個門口唔係咁o既 冇招牌唔在講 仲要係白色趟門十足十人地地盤個種 行過都唔覺 搵日去食個Tiramisu先 個樣真係好得....
    [版主回覆01/10/2008 23:43:00]ああ、そうですね !!
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  • Oops.... the tiramisu looks great! I have been there couple times b4 but still have never tried their dessert. Good to see u share this with us.
    [版主回覆01/10/2008 01:20:00]噢 !!  妳也幫襯過這間 cafe !!  desserts 以這個價錢來說是不錯的,合乎水準。不過選擇較少 ( 記得還有 朱古力 cookies ),始於 coffee 是其強項 !!
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  • nice to learn that you have an astounding cup of coffee. will have coffee some days later.
    [版主回覆01/10/2008 01:17:00]其實看看這裡經常有 coffee 外賣客就知其實力了 !!  而且價錢中等,是值得一試的