The concept or principle of running an eatery, either in small or large scale, is crucially diversifying or combining different kinds of food or cuisine one can offer in a trendy way.

Concerning the cafe, which is now a prominent food icon in HK, this concept is newly implemented by the intriguing combination of bakery and cafe. As i love both " food elements ", it's just a matter of time for me to hang out in these lovely bakery cafe every week !! 

hysterical.gif picture by hkgm1994
hysterical.gif picture by hkgm1994
  Here i'd like to introduce a wonderful cafe, La Baguette --- right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong.


If you're a bread fiend, you should indulge yourself with the homemade and heart-made bread in this cafe !!  Here we can enjoy a wide selection of sandwiches with single, double or triple fillings, like avocado, brie, cheddar, duck confit, salami ...... The bread is for sure worthy of a mention, as we can enjoy a choice from totally 9 types of bread !!

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  Other than baguette, which is the specialty there,  bagel,  focaccia,  panini etc. are also offered.


rye with scandinavian baguette with cheddar & parma ham ($58), n' a glass of blod-tasting iced mocha ($28) ...... the bread is crispy on surface yet quite chewy inside !! cheddar is thick enough to fill most hungry stomachs, esp. that of foreigners.

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  i love the ham most as it's absolutely tangy but not too salty !! tastier than the one i tried in caffe habitu ( Elements ) !!  
hysterical.gif image by hkgm1994
hysterical.gif picture by hkgm1994


ciabatta (italian bread) with brie & salami ($58), n' complement it with iced coffee ($28) ...... the bread is chewy and a bit crispy but not warm enough. salami is tasty but a bit bland to me.

kaos-pinkusagi23.gif picture by hkgm1994


I should point out the sandwiches are served from the heart with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber and homemade mayonnaise ( as can be seen in the pics above ). i'm impressed by such vegetables in large portion !! 

chikas_blue46.gif picture by hkgm1994

Coffees should be admired as well cuz the taste is strong and flavoursome !! i love the way of serving by allowing you to pour milk and syrup separately into the glass so that you can make the coffees with personal flavour.  

1062.gif picture by hkgm1994

La Baguette is a cozy cafe seats about 12 for those who choose to dine in. Foreigners there like perching on the bar stools to chat and enjoy their delicacies. The cafe doesn't only offer french food, as it's name might suggest. In fact, it offers such italian style cuisine (e.g. ciabatta is an italian bread ) as salads and pizzas. And it's alluring to learn homemade desserts are also available : apple crumble and brownie ...... they should be the must-try items when i come back next time ...... but the boss here has got a good memory for faces ...... he actively say hi to me, and it makes me embarrassing, haha !! 



burger.gif picture by hkgm1994
La Baguette 
burger.gif picture by hkgm1994

G/F., 18 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK

28683716 ( takeaway service is available ) 




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  • *Anson*
  • ha, it seems that you highly recommend this shop! but i guess it only has a few seats? coz some shops in Lan Kwai Fong are quite small...
    nonetheless, I like dessert more than bread and sandwiches, any desserts serve in this shop?
    [版主回覆12/04/2007 23:39:00]do u always hung out in LWF ?
    many girls like desserts, so i think it's impossible to find a cafe without desserts !! in La Baguette, there're 4 dishes of homemade desserts, and i hope i can try out later and report here !! o.k. ?