As a renowned food paradise, it's the trend that we can savour more often the delights of dining at exotic and relaxing eating outlets along the "food streets" nearby the popular shopping malls. We can also enjoy the budget lunches or relaxing dinners in the spacious outdoor sitting area outside these eateries. That day, i hung out in the "food street" of Taikoo Place, and i tried one of the impressive bar there --- East End Brewery.


Oops !! peanut shells were thrown all over the floor. that's the typical atmosphere of a foreign pub !! there're plentiful choice of such popular beers as Hoegaarden and Brooklyn. but this time i'd rather like to try out the food there ...... thus i picked the set dinner ( $108 ) and a cup of hot cappuccino ($25). 

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Wow !! a basket of welcoming peanuts just for free ...... the same as that i tried in Slim's before. the fabulous coffee is good, but a little bland for me.  


First is the appetiser ~~~ i chose the veggie salad. (or u can pick the soup). it's tastily fresh, with slices of cheese which surely enable the dish to deliver a rainbow of flavours. 


the main is the grilled salmon in mango salsa, with mashed potato and daily vegetables. the salmon is well-fried but it's not fresh enough. instead i love the salsa with sweet and sour flavours ...... YummY !!  it's suprising to learn the vegetables are those mainly appeared in Chinese cuisine ! 

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the salmon is in a bit large portion ...... so the coming dessert has a hard act to follow. ok, but i wanna satisfy my sweet tooth now ...... let's taste the lemon cheese cake with fresh strawberry dusted with icing sugar.  Delicious !! the cake has a strong flavour of lemon !!  it did taste good except the crispless cake base. 


The classy, airy and roomy ambience there is quite relaxing and comfortable, with huge windows and a high ceiling. So it's wonderful also to have plenty of seats for street-viewing. but it's the photos of old Hong Kong hanged all over the walls that totally impressed me !!

chikas_blue01.gif picture by hkgm1994
chikas_blue01.gif picture by hkgm1994

One thing i should point out is that the young non-Chinese serving staff are enthusiastic and eager to help !! though it takes time to wait for every dish for my dinner, i can enjoy the layback feel of fine dining !!



East End Brewery (Quarry Bay)

Address :

G/F., 23-27 Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay

(near the Taikoo Place food street)

Telephone :


Opening hours :

Mondays to Sundays  11:30a.m. - 1:00a.m. 





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  • 不是嗎? 你一定是說笑了...我的文筆差得連自己也接受不了...怎能說好呢?
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  • i should have dined in this restaurant before, as far as i remember. i quite like the casual feel.