I haven't visited the Peak, a place we are proud of, for a considerable period of time. On that day, we happily got there by the Peak tram and chose a restaurant for lunch.

We are attracted by the restaurant called Eating Plus,  in which many seats there were not occupied, and we need not to wait as we arrived at the Peak at about 3pm and we were very hungry !!

oh !! a variety of dishes of noodles for us to choose and the restaurant claimed that no MSG is added, and natural ingredients are used in preparing food. ok !! finally we picked three dishes :

first is the chicken satag ($38) : the chicken meat is well-fried, very spicy and tender. the sauce is made by tamarind, coconut milk and miso peanut. it's for sure enhancing the taste of the chicken meat !


a dish of chinese cuisine, panfried egg noodle with prawns, served with black bean sauce ($79). tasty !! we don't expect we can taste this type of chinese noodle there. but it's above standard ! the noodle is not moist and the prawn is bouncy and fresh.  the sauce is not too thick and very spicy !


we also tried the western dish : panfried risotto with seabass ($73). to me, risotto, an italian cuisine, is my favourite if it's well-cooked in accordance with the original italian method. the dish here is surely not " italian" as the rice is only of chinese type so that it's not chewy enough. it's quite tasteless. and there is a bit too strong in smell of raw fish for seabass, though it's juicy and in large size. 

Eating Plus is surely the place for tasting healthy food at the Peak in an inexpensive way. and maybe because of that, we found not many visitors there ( they would rather go Burger King and Bubba Gump). to me, it's a good try as i can taste to a large extent the original flavor of the natural ingredients (especially the vegetables ), and the portion of dishes is large enough to share with partners or friends.



we're totally fascinated by the panorama of our striving but still beautiful island ...... it retrieved my memory of the days studying in the university.


Eating Plus

地址 ︰山頂凌霄閣P102號舖

電話 ︰28497855



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  • it is a good suggestion. i hope i can try in near future.
    [版主回覆10/31/2007 23:45:00]thx u !!