Right !! BURGERS AGAIN !!  

i wanna share the experience of savouring the cute Slim's burgers, which are mini-sized as found in a bistro located at Wanchai !!

in fact, Slim's is a pub-styled American restaurant opened for a year only.  there are amazing variety of beer with a basket of peanuts free of charge welcoming foreigners and hongkongers. the ambience is relaxing, with red lights and red seats inside. we can find, however, walls painted with American pop-stars, funny film clips etc. in colourful comic style.  tables set just far enough apart to suggest privacy in this compact, cozy but still comfortable eatery.

i chose the " Super Slim " combo ( $70 ), including the Slim's burger with beef, the chickenburger and mini hot dog. i also chose a dish of fresh fruit salad by adding $10 only (or you can pick fries).  it's named "super" cuz i can taste all 3 types of Slim's signature mini burgers and hot dog ...... oh !!! sorry !!! the dog is sold out and the pretty nice waitress asked if i can choose one more cute burger. ok !! i pick the one with beef.


the beef burger is surely the best choice. why ?  i haven't taste this marvellous mini beef patties before !!!!!!   it's well-fried and absolutely soft and tender !!   the beef mince is surely hand-made instead of making by machine !! just bit a little piece out of it ...... spicy, tasty and succulent but not oily.  i've to admit the quality is obviously superior to those of Shake'em Buns and Triple-O !!


the bun is also well-prepared as it's soft inside but crispy outside, but too small in size !! the orange-coloured cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce are fresh enough to give me a joyful experience in tasting these cute bread. the chickenburger is at all delicious with spicy chicken meat !! but it's not juicy and not as attractive as the beef burger.


the last dish ~~~ the fruit salad ...... indeed it's not salad but assorted fruit only. i can taste the fresh slices of pomelo, papaya, orange and kiwi-fruit. they are all sweety and fresh. YummY !!



tonite i picked a cup of cappuccino with frothed foam.  i wanna say it's absolutely crucial in tasting the food which is made by the cook in artful and hearty way, whenever we enjoy our dining experience.  just a lovely creamy foam with the cute heart-shaped chocolate sprinkled on top ...... i can feel not only the taste, but the heart of the barista !!  life is too short for living without love and care !!!!!!  Miss C, i await your wonderful cup of coffee which can tug at my heartstrings !!!!!!






G/F., 1 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, H.K.

( Tel : 2528-1661 ) 




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  • *Anson*
  • Oh, Yummy!!! I like the fruit salad rather than the burger...umm...be exact, I don't really like to eat bread or burger...anyway, nice sharing, thanks!!!
  • Eunis
  • mini burger, yummy
  • Deli Prince Club 美味少爷
  • such loving mini buns are always alluring.  including the coffee, average per head become $100.