As a dining paradise in the world,  we can enjoy in HK the cuisine from all the countries one can come up with.  For the western style, burgers, a "charisma" of the American cuisine, should be one of the most important " ingredients " in the dining experience of the Hongkongers.  We are blessed with numerous outlets specialised in selling burgers and chunky chips --- a great alternative to the mediocre fast-food variety.  In this passage, i would like to share the dining experience in renowned burger seller ~~~ Shake'em Buns, which is commonly ranked as the middle-of-the-road choice for a burger lover or connoisseur.


The shop we visited is located in Causeway Bay, in which the apartment is larger than that of another shop in Wanchai. I tried the attractive burger, the chips and two drinks : 

this is a cheese burger named Hawaiian Surfer Girl ($60) with 4 layers !! ...... 

the top is a rasher of the indescribably delicious bacon which is remarkedably crispy and spicy, but not too salty. 

then there finds the juicy pineapple ( i love it very much ). Though it is the canned one, the size is big enough and it can for sure alleivate the feeling of fullness after eating such a big burger !!

The third layer is the tasty thick patty with strong beef favour. It is absolutely juicy and tender. The taste is enhanced by the rich cheese in melted form. Though oily, as can be seen by the juice dropped from the burger, it's quality should be superior to that of the fast-food chain restaurants. 

Lastly there is a thick slice of fresh tomato and lettuce, which is also yummy !!

The freshly-baked bun is also tasty as soft inside and a bit crunchy outside, and it is spread with salad sauce.


To taste the original taste and texture, the chips i chose is the one without cheese ( another popular choice is chilli cheese fries ), which is named " Keep 'em Coming" ($12). The thumb-sized fries is crispy outside and soft inside, with strong taste of fresh potato. However, marks should be deducted as it is quite dried inside. 


My friend picked the canned Sprite ($18), and i chose the milkshake called Strawberry Tender ($35). The can drink is quite pricy, and it would be worth my money to pay more for the wonderful smoothies there!! 

   The Strawberry Tender is, beyond my expectation, absolutely thick in texture, and i can taste the strong favour of strawberry and milk. As it is not too saccharine, it surely prompted me to try the blue temptation (another renowned milkshake) next time !!

As we chose the seats near the open kitchen, and perching on a bar stool, we can watch closely the process of making fresh-baked buns and how did the patties pan-fried gently !!


The Causeway Bay shop is cozy and newly deocrated ( i found the large crystal pendent lamp) in traditional American style.  The walls are panelled with dark wood with dark tables and chairs. The huge glass windows offset the low lighting. It is a bit noisy, but it gives a warm and friendly ambience as i can see a whole family sharing their food on the two tables in one side, and the teenagers had their gathering and they shared their food on two chair sets in another side.


We finished the burger meal with relish. This delight experience helped me to learn that we can easily feel the "charisma" of burgers, which are presented in so many forms that it's fun to experience different combinations of patties, sauce and vegetables sandwiched between yummy bun halves.  Just like desserts, we can enjoy freely with numerous taste, texture and outlook !! Some cute burgers made with heart can be displayed beautifully and elegantly, so that one can be easily charmed by such type of "bread"!!  It is no wonder Miss C feels touching uptill now whenever she retrieves her memory of meeting her former boyfriend for the first time when they enjoyed their burger meal together  




Shake 'em Buns

Causeway Bay Shop

Address : G/F., 5 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, H.K.

Telephone :  25726220

Wanchai Shop

Address : Shop k, 2 Star Street, Wanchai, H.K.

Telephone : 28662060




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  • mei
  • i wanna hv a bite of the burger here since a longlonglong time ago! it has another branch @ 星街... o so jealous tht u've tried it already.
    to me, this restaurant's good caz' it offers VEGGIE BURGER which's the only flavour tht i can enjoy.
    mm... tht milkshake seems so yummy...... let's see if it can beat down tht of TRIPLE O's
    [版主回覆10/17/2007 00:35:00]oh !! sorry for making you so envy !!
    i agree there are not so many restaurants offering veggie burger, and i know you've tried Big Ernie's Diner some time before, right ? hope you can compare these 2 shops later on in your blog !!
    the milkshake here is, i think, comparable to that of Big Ernie's Diner, and you may try "blue temptation", a popular choice !!  
  • Htffortune
  • 肥杜 >> 這裡還有不少burgers,可以試試popular 的missionary burger !! Deli Prince >> absolutely agree !! the hygience here is quite good, except the staff do not wear mask.  there are many more choices such as doggie, chilli cheese fries, delicious chicken wings ...... YummY !! ☆╯娜NaNa娜╭☆   >> 妳說那個post 在妳個blog 的攪笑新聞直擊?? 那晚在這間bar 飲到傻咗 ?? 
  • Eunis
  • I was drunk that night
  • Deli Prince Club 美味少爷
  • the burger looks yummy. i have never tried in shake 'em buns so far, but i quite like this restaurant. the main reason is that the staff wear plastic gloves in preparing burger.   but in freshness burger in tst ocean terminal, the staff would use their bare hands to prepare food, this cannot be accepted.
  • 肥杜
  • 看來真的好吃,但我不喜歡菠蘿配牛肉,其他漢堡應該都不錯,要試試
  • Htffortune
  • Good news !!     i can buy the organic rye bread in a more convenient way !! A new shopping mall at Kowloon MTR station opened in this month !! that's Element !! ThreeSixty also opened their shop here !!  there's a variety of lovely bread selling in several high-class bakery in the mall  !!