As recommended by c , we tried for the first time the French cuisine in Hung Hom ~~~ Le Rouge

this is a cozy bistro with only about 20 seats,  and have to book the table in advance. it is a bit noisy but ambience is still pleasant as we can chat relaxingly. ( it is too dark inside and i can't take photos of food

  please forgive me!! )


i chose the popular set dinner with totally 7 dishes costing $160 per head :

1. the bread  is freshly-baked and hot. good !

2. the soup is watercress cream soup with mashed potato : wonderful as it is not salty, and i can taste the smell of watercress. there is a long slice of taro "fixing" on the middle of the soup by the mashed potato. but both are quite tasteless !

3.  the first course is the pan-fried goose liver with blueberry sauce : the liver is spicy, but maybe overcooked as it is not juicy and soft in texture. i love the taste of sauce instead.   

4. the second course is the Angel Hair pasta served with tomato sauce :  the pasta is tasty and bouncy as there is not too much sauce attached to it. the taste of sweet and sour only enhances my appetite !!  

5.  then i've the lemon sorbet. the portion is too small for me!!  i love the fresh and sour taste so much !! 

and it can freshen my tongue for other dishes.

6. another main course is the grilled lamb rack served with the garlic mint sauce : the taste of tender meat is spicy, but, for me, it is a bit fatty and too small in portion.

7.  the last course is the fried salmon served with lemon juice and butter :  personally don't like the cooked salmon (salmon sushi is my favourite), but it is still well-cooked and the texture is quite soft.  the sauce is well matched with the salmon.

8.  last came the desserts : creme brulee and tiramisu.  they are the most wonderful dish in this dinner set, as both desserts are yummy and not too sweet!!

  i can taste the delicate flavor of cream and eggs in the cooled custard, but the caramel crust is not crispy as it is quite chewy! my friend and me have to abandon it.  However, the tiramisu should gain back the marks as it is soft and creamy, with the rich taste of coffee!!   for me, tiramisu should be the signature dish in this restaurant !!  


My friend ordered other dinner set, with the grilled pork ribs with honey mustard sauce as the main course.  it is juicy and well-roasted.

To conclude, it is a marvellous experience tasting the French cuisine, and it is educational and relaxing for me ( candies are placed on every dining table ). dishes were served at very good timing. but my dinner is still a bit pricy in the district of Hung Hom, as most of the dishes in the $160 dinner set are too small in portion, especially the tiramisu !!!

Thanks should go to Miss C and Mr. D!!! 


I give 4 marks (5 is full marks)


Le Rouge 法國餐廳

Address : G/F., 3A Ching Chau Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon

(地址 : 紅磡青州街3號A 地舖 )

Tel : 23335122





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  • Helloconnie
  • 我都試過LEE 間的LUNCH, 係紅磡來說真係唔錯呀!又有自制甜品食送
  • Deli Prince Club 美味少爷
  • from your comment, it seems that food portion is really not enough to you. But you are quite content with the taste. I would try in this restaurant if there is chance.
  • Eunis
  • 紅磡咁近?等我都試吓先!