As promised, I dined at the restaurant named Little Fusion (意房菜) located in Mongkok.

The waitress was diligent in welcoming customers outside.

the lighting inside is improved as the blue light is somewhat covered except those around the bar table.

Now, there are pretty yellow bulbs with candles on each dining table!

the soup, the garlic bread and the mashed potato with field snail came first.

the main course ... Angel Hair Pasta served with seafood and fresh assorted mushrooms in French lobster sauce .

lastly came the peach red tea. Delicious !


On July 27, we came to this restaurant, which was recommended by Deli Prince last year (, at about 6:30 p.m. for dinner.  There was only few customers at that time and we are allocated seats instantly. We ordered the set dinner ($59 including 10% service charge). The main dishes I selected was the seafood and fresh assorted mushrooms in French lobster sauce served with Angel Hair Pasta (法式龍蝦汁鮮什菌海鮮天使麵). This dinner set included the soup (I chose Borscht), the sliced garlic French bread and the French mashed potato with field snail meat.


The soup and the mashed potato were in ordinary quality, but the garlic bread was fresh and crispy. Yummy !! 

 However, the marks should be deducted as I ate "sand"
in the field snail meat , though the taste and the sauce inside them was tasty.


Then I tried the main dishes seafood pasta with mushrooms. I cannot taste the sweetness of lobster in the sauce except its salty taste. However, I like the seafood (it is my favour!), as there were mussels, prawn, scallop, mini-octopus and a slice of fish meat. The mushrooms were tasty and in good quality. Overall, the food was well cooked except the salty taste of the sauce, and the stale prawn and the fish meat.  The drink tasted good as I like the smell of peach though it was a bit sweety.


In a word, the quality is a bit above average, and the price is attractive with a large size of the main dishes and the drink! It is an economical choice dining at this western-style restaurant. So, I give 4 marks! (full marks are 5)   

Little Fusion

Address : G/F., No. 1, Hung Fai Building, 2Q Tung Choi Street, Mongkok.

Telephone : 23329928


p.s. Thanks for Deli Prince, I prepared well for taking photos by studying the functions of my new camera (Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS ). And I think the products are much better than before. As such, I am not so nervous this time. And when I take snapshots outside the door of this restaurant, the pretty waitress said gently to me: 隨便啦!oh, it surely boosts my confidence and courage in taking photos !  

Thanks a lot!! 

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